Orange Creme Cake

For this I used a Wilton’s ball cake pan….

You need

A butter vanilla cake mix

Orange icing dye( or a tiny bit red and almost twice as much yellow)

An orange, zested and squeezed

Buttercream frosting( i used Wilton’s recipe)

A package of Duncan Hines frosting creations flavor mix  in orange creme


I started by greasing the pans as directed

I measured the juice( I got 1/3 cup) and added around 1/2 the water as directed on the package

Mixed all the wet ingredients and butter together and mixed in the cake mix

I then slowly added in the zest….I used almost all the zest around 2-2 1/2 tsp

Mix in the dye

Then divide the batter between the 2 ball halves

Meanwhile make the frosting ( I made a double batch) mix the orange creme flavoring into half(16oz of frosting)

Mine had to cook for about 50-60 mins

Trim a bit off the bottom of one half and then even off the tops of both

Start by putting a small amount of frosting on the tray or cake board and place the cake you trimmed to make it lay flat

Then make a segment design with the orange and white frosting(drawing the design with the white and filling it in with the orange) this will be the middle layer of frosting

(not really important, you can just spread on some frosting…..but its fun to do and fun knowing its there)

Then place the other half on it to make a ball

Ice it with a thicker layer of the white frosting

Let it set for awhile(like 1-2 hours)

Then do a thin layer of the orange frosting

Tint a little bit of frosting green(if you want a stem)

and put a small dollop on top for a stem

I love the look of the inside

It came out looking pretty cool….and the taste is great

I totally plan on doing this cake again but instead in a 2 layer 8″ round cake form

It’ll be  easier but wont have the same cool effect that looking like an orange has….but should taste the same

Originally I used white chocolate chips….bad idea they all sunk to the bottom and on one half the whole bottom came out(good in one sense since i needed the bottom flattened anyway:))


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