7 layer bars

Well last night I made 7 layer bars for the second time…well to be honest I actually made 8 layer bars this time:)
Thought I’d share, the great thing about this recipe is you can change tweek it however you want….you can change the kind of chips to your hearts content:)

I start by preheating the oven to 350
And putting 3/4 c (a stick and a half) of butter in a 13×9 pan and putting the pan in the oven till the butter melts

While the butter is melting I crush a sleeve and a half of graham crackers in a zip bag with my rolling pin

Once the butter is melted add the crushed graham crackers and pat down till its all even

Next I open up my can of condensed milk and drizzle about 1/4 of the can on top of the graham cracker

For the chips I used 3 different kinds, semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips
I used about 2/3c of each and just evenly sprinkled each into the pan

Then I used about a cup of walnuts and sprinkled them evenly onto of the chips

Next an almost last:) I sprinkled on maybe 2/3c of coconut flakes onto the chips

Then I drizzled on the rest of the condensed milk

And lastly if you want I sprinkled a small handful of all the chips and a little coconut(I would have sprinkled walnuts too if I had held some put:))

Now you just bake for 30 mins
Let cool for 10-20 mins and cut into 24
I let it cool for a bit more then recut just to make sure it didn’t run back into itself

Now this is very important and hard to do!!! Cover it and let it cool all night don’t eat it yet it won’t taste right until it has sat for awhile. When your ready to eat it the next day you’ll just have to break them apart I usually poke a butter knife in the cuts

Ingredient list:
3/4c butter(a stick and a half)

A sleeve and a half graham crackers

2 c any kind of baking chips( I used 2/3c each semi-sweet, white and butterscotch)

1 c walnuts

2/3 c coconut flakes

1 14oz can of condensed milk

13×9 in pan





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