Old navy sample and share

I just got back from my old navy style council sample and share through crowdtap.
I had a blast!!! The sample and share was for active wear… I got 2 coupons each for a top and bottom free( one for me and one for a friend)
Me, my sister and my 3 year old went out and shopped. On top of my free clothes I also bought an active wear tank top, an angry birds Tshirt, a long sleeve baseball shirt, and a pair of jeans and all I spent was $26.43…..my receipt says I saved $67.43 how awesome is that!!!
We took pics and shopped and tried things on it was so much fun


feel free to join and try for your own sample and shares….they are hard to get into since they have so many people but its totally worth trying and waiting:) and there’s not just old navy you’ll be asked to join a bunch of other brands and get all kinds of opportunities to survey and try for sample and shares and hosted parties


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