#happhandmade week 58 picks!!

I Thought I’d try this a different way this week:)

This is the first time putting this in a blog

I usually just post to twitter once for each link I like:) but I thought this might be easier.

Daft crafts hosts a link up veryweek…so if you have a handmade shop go link up 3 of your things….and all you have to do is share 3 of your favs from the link up..its a win win for everyone

so here are my favs:

I love this hand painted canvas by BugabooBearDesigns

Every Love Story is Beautiful but Ours is My Favorite, hand painted canvas, wall art, Anniversary gift, wedding gift, love



How perfect is this sticker pack for coffee and tea lovers alike, by Scrawny Girl

Coffee and Tea Sticker Pack





love these tooth pillow by Lu And Ed….might be needing one soon:) never know when my 5 year old will start losing her teeth:)

Mon-stor Tooth Pillow






and I think since its my first time blogging about it I’m gonna do 1 more:)

This pig tail clip set would look so cute in my daughters hair:) by Violet’s buds

Smiling Princess pigtail clip set




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