Review: When Love Calls

I won 2 book( When Loves Calls and While Love Stirs) from the Christian author Lorna Seilstad about 3 weeks ago when there was a pretty big Christian author scavenger hunt. Gotta say that I was so excited cause after I read the description of the one While Love Stirs(coming out May ) I really wanted to win these books:)
I got them about a week ago and she signed them!!!!:)


So of course I started reading the first one as soon as I could!!

Set in 1908 and about a stubborn law student turned hello girl.
When her parents died Hannah Gregory left law school to take care of her two younger sisters, she decides to try to become a hello girl even though they have a long list of rules and Hannah has never been a stickler for rules, she decides she needs to try for her sisters.
Then the unthinkable happens, a young lawyer shows up at there parents house to inform them it’s being foreclosed. Lincoln had no idea he was telling three orphaned girls the bank was taking there house and felt bad so he decides he wants to help
And tries to a few different ways, Hannah sees him as the enemy and doesn’t want to take his charity but her sisters except and she has no choice but she plans to stay mad at him and pay him back….that is until she needs to ask him for help!!
Great story about finding love and trusting not just each other but God first!
Can’t wait to read the second book While Love Stirs hoping to start it tonight!


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