Review: Courting cate

So while doing a Christian book scavenger hunt (a month and a half ago) I found this book for free!!!

Courting cate (the courtships of Lancaster county book #1)by Leslie Gould so far it’s the first of four books, the fourth book will be coming out later this year dunno if she will be doing more:)
I didn’t realize it when I read it (because I have yet to read his plays) but this series is basically a modern and amish take on some of Shakespeare’s plays.
This one was taming of the shrew.
I loved this book. It’s centered around Cate(a bitter and waspish young women) her sister and there dad, even though her dad wants her to marry she sees herself as becoming an old maid and maybe starting a publishing business, she’s not much of a cook and hates doing all the things it takes to run the house, she’d much rather stay in her office helping her father run his business or read books.
Then Pete comes into town, she starts to fall for him till her doubts and suspicions get the better of her, she ends up marrying him anyway, thinking that a marriage of convince and nothing else would save her father from the shame of the problems she thinks her sister has gotten into and along the way falls in love with Pete, but will he ever love her back???


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