Review: Tales of Trenzalor

( I received a copy of this book free from Random House UK – North America through netgalley to review)

Let it Snow – by Justin Richards

Tells us about the doctor saving the town from the ice warriors. I liked the way the story progressed but it was a tad predictable….that being said I love that it stayed true to the doctor and everything that the doctor said I readZ with Matt smiths voice and mannerisms

An Apple a Day – by George Mann

We see the Krynoids attempt at winning trenzalor,they are a species I can’t say I remember but since they were first introduced with doctor number 4 and his companion Sarah Jane I might have seen it when I was little:), the doctor is a bit older and some how he’s missing a leg…we get to see him and a boy figure out what’s going on and how to fix it. If the Krynoid will eat all the fauna on the planet

Strangers in the Outland – by Paul Finch

A little girl shows up in Christmas she’s recognized by the towns folk but no one bows were her dad is. The doctor and a bunch of men go out to find him and whatever scared her, even though she said they looked like the doctor.
We find that a group of autons has some landed and they’re on a mission to get the doctor

The Dreaming – by Mark Morris

The Mara start invading the the people of christmas’ dreams.
Now friends and loved ones are doing things like going out into the forest and digging up a skeleton or trying to hurt the doctor. In order to stop the people from getting hurt or in the way the doctor puts them to sleep and keeps them asleep and sets out to destroy the Mara before it can invade

Over all I did like this book I just wish we could have seen more relationships between the doctor and the towns folk…I think an apple a day was my favorite story


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