Review: Hope at dawn

( I received an advanced copy of this book free from Forever(grand central publishing) through netgalley to review)

Hope at dawn by Stacie henrie
This book is set in 1918 around the war. Olivia Campbell is 20 years old and trying to cope with the fact that her beau has come back from the war differant, he was injured so he’s turned to alcohol to deal with his problems, and her two oldest brothers, her closest friends, have gone to war.
She was going to college to become a teacher but when her brothers got drafted she left to go home and help her family with the farm. So she’s trying to figure out what to do with her life.
She hears about a school in need of a teacher from a man she met at a dance and with her parents permission try’s for the job.
She finds out once there that the community is German American and with the war going on she has her guard up. She learns that the prejudice isn’t just about Germans, even German Americans it also is coming from them toward her.
She finds out that the same guy (Frederick)who recommended the job is now the school care taker.
There budding relationship is endangered because of the rift between there cultures.
I really liked this book, there were some expected moments and some very unexpected and I liked learning things about the war that is didn’t realize:) I would definitely recommend it!!!


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