Review: stuck together

( I received a copy of this book from
Bethany house publishers through netgalley to review)

Stuck Together by Mary Connealy
Seriously I was gonna complain a bit about some there being places in it were I just seemed lost like at the beginning they’d mention someone like I knew who they were….I didn’t realize this was the third book in a serious that each book continued the next:)
I can’t wait to read the first 2 books:) to see how the other 2 couples got together

Vince is the sheriff in a very small town called broken wheel. Tina is the cook at the diner with a self appointed mission to shut down the saloon, she pickets the door everyday sometimes causing fights.

They are pretty much the last two single people in the town(well besides Tina’s brother the pastor)
We find out the Vince, Tina’s brother Jonas, a farmer named like and the doctor dare are long time friends.
Vince’s father shows up and prett much drops off Vince’s mother(who has some form of dementia) and his half sister (Melissa) he didn’t know he had.
Vince need to figure out how to care for his family, his feelings for Tina and how to trust God with his future
I really enjoyed this book and will probably read it again after I read the first two:)


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