Review: Full Steam Ahead

( I received a copy of this book from
Bethany house publishers through netgalley to review)

Full Steam Ahead by Karen whitmeyer

The book starts off with Darius Thornton he’s a heir to a very big shipping company but he doesn’t like the stiffness of sociaty and he prefers to do the books and wear comfier clothes he’s on a river steam boat and the boiler explodes, he does his best to save and help as many people as he can but he’s unable to save one little girl.

Then we meet Nicole renard on her way home early from finishing school to see her ailing father, she’s a spunky only child who thinks even though her dad loves her she’s not quite good enough because he wanted a son.
Her father realizes his sickness has weakened him and he might die soon so he sends Nicole to New Orleans to find a husband among his associates so when he dies he will have an heir to take over the business.

On the way out things take an unexpected turn and she ends up in a small town still I’m Texas she needs to get a job so se can earn enough money to get to new Orleans
She applies for the only position that fits her, a secretary to a scientist. the postman tries to tell her he’s crazy and blows thing up but she decides to take the risk anyway.

Darius is the scientist (he’s unkempt, shirt ifs not tucked in and his too long hair a mess this is pretty much how he dresses now comfortable and not fussing with all the rules of sociaty) and since the boiler explosion he had need running tests and simulations trying to make steam boilers safer. He asked for a male secretary but since she proves herself by being able to read his handwriting and correcting a math problem he hires her.

They become friends and she really likes that he doesn’t stop her from helping with stuff because she’s a woman, slowly they both start falling for each other.
I love all the twists and turns, and that they both learn that they need to trust God with there lives (past, present and future)


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