Review: Caroline’s secret

I got this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for my honest review

Caroline’s secret
By Amy Lillard

Soo going into this booking I had my theories about what exactly Caroline’s secret was (of course it has to do with her daughter Emma) I was mostly right , but I was kinda wrong in my thinking of the way everything would fall into place!! I won’t tell what my theories were though cause that would be spoilers:)

Caroline has left her old order amish community and found a home with a widower (Esther)who owns a bakery in an beachy amish community they’re not strict
Esther welcomes pregnant Caroline with open arms gives her a place to stay and a job helping in the bakery.
Everything’s going great then Andrew moves into town trying to escape things from his own past. Caroline and Andrew become fast friends and Esther starts trying to play match maker but neither of them think they are ready for love again, so Andrew and Caroline decide they’re gonna play along with Esther so they can play matchmaker right back( trying to get water and Andrews uncle Abe together)

I definitely recommend this book!!
I loved the twists and turns some of them unexpected and I’m really hoping this was the first in a series and not just a stand alone book:)


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