Review: The Amish blacksmith

I got this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for my honest review

The Amish Blacksmith
By Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner

This is the second book in the men of Lancaster series, I didn’t read the first book(The Amish Groom) but I wasn’t lost.
I liked this book and the story, but my one issue was the way long, I guess I’d call it back stories,were told. Instead of being told by the person who was telling we’re told it like jake(the main character) is thinking it over/remembering it. With the tellers views and dialogue popping up throughout it . Hoping that makes sense:) it was just odd for me. But other then that I enjoyed the book

Jake is a blacksmith apprentice and lives in a cabin on the property of his boss he has a talent for helping calm horses and helping them to get over whatever is making the nervous or scared and helps people when they need him

Priscilla is jakes boss’s niece and she left the state soon after her mom tragically died( her aunt and uncle
sent her to live with some relatives hoping it would help her) she’s come back to town after feeling that God wanted her to return. She also has a way with horses.

They knew each other before she left he always thought of her as a sweet kid. Now they’re both grown up and become friends. Jake and his girlfriend(Amy) are asked by Priscilla’s aunts to show her around and take to socials. So Amy decides to try’s and set Priscilla up with someone she thinks is a perfect match, everyone’s feelings kinda get mixed up and turned upside down.
The way some things played out was a bit unexpected and I wasn’t happy about some of it, but everything worked out the way I hoped:)


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