Review: Sweet by the Editors of Food Network

By the editors of food network magazine



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Ok so my first thought when I got this to review was The best way to review it would be to try at least one thing!!! So when I got it I started looking through to see what I had the “skill” to do and what would just be beyond me….I was pleasantly surprised to see that there weren’t a ton of crazy recipes that were to hard or to weird to do. But the hard part was picking something to try, I changed my mind daily. I finally decided my fav category was the fake out cakes and that I’d try one of those and bring it to church.
Well after narrowing it down to 2 cakes I finally decided to do the lobster roll cake, realizing mine prob wouldn’t look as good as the picture:).
The recipe was super easy to follow and it actually turned out really good! It almost looked like the picture:)
I took some pics I’ll add on at the end:)

I can’t wait to make some more thinks from the book and love that there is a mix of from scratch things to using pre made things.




“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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