Review: Wonderful Lonesome

Wonderful lonesome
By Olivia Newport


Wonderful lonesome is about an amish settlement just starting out in Colorado they’ve been there for about 5 years and right now they are going through a drought. Most everyone is feeling discouraged because of the dying crops and the lack of church services, thy haven’t had service in months. Each of the 12 family’s is facing the decision to keep trying or go home.
The book centers around Abbie and her desire to see the settlement flourish, her diss appointments when people leave and her decision as to which of the two bachelors she should marry.
I liked the book even though it seemed to take forever to read it….that prob was because sept is a busy month:)
This book did not go the way I thought it would though…..I had a few moments were I wanted to scream at some of the characters! I won’t say why cause then I’d be giving you spoilers:) but over all I did enjoy the book and I’m excited to see where the next one is set

I received this book through the authors influencer program in exchange for my honest review


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