100 Embroidery Stitches wk 1

So last week after I had this idea I realized I didn’t wanna get in trouble with coats and Clark so I wrote them saying

“What I wrote

I have a a copy of 100 embroidery stitches #150 copyright 1964
I was thinking about puting a page a week on my blog
Hoping to try at least one stitch per page and show my results
But wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be infringing on the copyright….any information or even permission would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance no matter your answer”

And they replied very quickly:)

“Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the 100 embroidery stitches posting on your blog. We are granting permission to do so, however, we do request that you reference our site http://www.makeitcoats.com for further information.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.”

So needless to say I was and still am pretty excited!!

So onto the page:)


My goal is to show you my try of at least one of the stitches on the page.
This week I did the stem stitch and the running stitch, I really wanted to do the laced running stitch but it just didn’t fit with the hoop I was working on.
I also did the back stitch (in this pic) and tried the fishbone stitch for the first time but you’ll see that one later:)


The B is the stem stitch the trails of the leaves is the running stitch and the rest of the words is the backstitch(one of next weeks)
I made this hoop for my shop and listed it last night:)

For more info on the stitches visit www.makeitcoats.com

I’d love to see your try on these stitches!!! Feel free to email me at cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “100 Embroidery Stitches wk 1

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