100 embroidery stitches wk 2

Alright guys here’s the next page!!!!


I so wanted to try all of them but they didn’t work with the hoop I started:(

So the backstitch is one I learned awhile ago but it’s always good for a refresher:) this week I used the backstitch, the satin stitch and started the long and short stitch, I never would have thought about using irregular stitches to fill in something….it’s a bit out of my comfort zone but I figured that was the exact reason I needed to try it


I know the bow ties only half done but I like the way it’s coming so far:)

So have you tried any of last weeks stitches???
( Wk 1 )
If so I’d love to see what you’ve made!!! You can email me at cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com if you want:)

And as always if you want more info on the stitches or anything else coats and clark you can find it here: www.makeitcoats.com

Which of this weeks stitches are you hoping to or planning on trying??


5 thoughts on “100 embroidery stitches wk 2

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