Review: Tried and True

Tried and True
By Mary Connealy

Kylie Wilde served 2 years In the cival war pretending to be a man now, her father has convinced her to homestead (even though all she wants is to live in the city, wearing dresses ) she has to continue to pretend to be a man if she wants to use her two year service time off her 5 years of homesteading. She’s been on the land for 6 months now and she’s ticking of the time she can sell it to her father and go back to “civilization”
Except Andrew Masterson the local land agent shows up and immediately figured out she was a girl. And as soon as he meets her older sisters, Shannon (the middlest)and Bailey(the oldest) he figures out the same thing, and he can’t figure out how they went so long with No one figuring it out.
I love how things are working out!!! I love the romance between Kylie and Andrew and I can’t wait to see what happens with her sisters and the guys they meet (from the characters I think I know who’s ending up with who and Mary said in her webcast the other week
That all the love interests we’re introduced in this book)
Did I mention that Mary is one of my favorite authors?? Cause she is:) so far I’ve loved everything I’ve read by her.
I Can’t wait for Now and Forever about Kylie’s older sister Shannon

I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for my honest review


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