Review: The River

The River
By Beverly Lewis

I’m not sure if this would be counted as my second story I’ve read by her of my 4th book lol, so even though I know she’s got tons of books I’m a newer reader:).
I liked this book, usually while reading I think about how I think things will turn out and some of the things surprised me, but I did love the way it ended
Tilly decided not to join the amish church, between issues with her father and feeling responsible for her youngest sisters death she went off into the world of the English. Soon after she left she convinced her sister to leave as well. Years later, Tilly is married with twins, They get asked to come home for a visit and even though neither wants to they decide they should because there father is having heart issues. I loved reading how everything played out and seeing the healing between family members:).

I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for my honest review


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