Review: A Lady at Willowgrove hall

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall
By Sarah e. Ladd

This is the third in it’s series(I swear this is only a coincidence….I have no idea why I keep jumping into series’ on the third one lol)

Anyway when the book starts, cecily
Is already to run off with her fathers bosses son, Andrew. Her father finds out is about ready to beat him up, he manages to run and cecily is dropped off at a school for ladies and hasnt see her father or tween sister since. She gets a job a ladies friend only to find out that the lady is Andrews aunt.

On his fathers death bed Nathaniel finds out his father isn’t his father. His father is lady steward but his biological father was lady husband…..the secret has been kept so as not to shame either family although wanted to raise him as his own

As cecily learns her new role as a ladies companian, and searches for her long list twin,!she and Nathaniel start falling for each other but neither thinks it’ll work out because of things in there past

The story is about forgiveness and how no matter what’s in our past god has forgiven us. Our characters learn that and also learn to let go and forgive in return

I thought this was a good book and I want to read the first 2:)

I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for my honest review


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