Review: A Matter of Heart

A Matter of Heart
By Tracie Peterson

Jessica atherton is spoiled and selfish, but she’s realizing it and wanting to change, and it’s really nice to watch her on her journey to bettering herself and growing closer to God.

Austin Todd has lost a lot and is just wanting to do his job, but he’s making a lot of friends along the way and can’t seem to help but think about Jessica since he meet here even though he promised himself he wouldn’t love again

And Harrison gable, let’s just say I hated him…..he was self centered and thought for sure he’s get anything he set his kind on.

I seriously loved watching the friendships grow and seeing Jessica change….and although I’m very glad with the way everything turned out there were a couple twists thrown in that I wasn’t expecting:)
Oh and did I mention this was the third in a series…..I know I really need to learn lol….anyway I caught on quick and wasn’t confused at all….although I did do some looking and saw some of the characters we interacted with were in previous books, so I’ll be reading them soon:)

I received this book free from Bethany house publishing for my honest review


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