Review: Trails and Targets

Trails & Targets (Dangerous Darlyn, #1)Trails & Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by Kelly Eileen Hake. I hadn’t heard of her before Barbour publishing asked me if I wanted to read a copy of Trails and Targets for my honest review!
I’m so glad I was given the opportunity!!

This book is the first in the Dangerous Darlyns series. There are 5 Darlyns, their dad, Seamus, and his four daughters
Bea, she’s the leader and the sharp shooter
Ariel, she’s the wit and her talent is archery
Cassia, she’s the beauty and knife thrower
And Jody, she’s still growing but is a trick rider and roper

Buffalo bone pickers Grey and Miles are only in town for butter and some other goods when they meet the Bea and Cassia, who were there to sell some goods to the local mercantile.
Grey isn’t looking to get married again but Bea has caught his attention.
The Darlyns have buffalo bones hidden on there property and since they’re behind on there mortgage they think meeting these two isn’t just by chance, so they invite them for dinner.
Miles starts plotting and planning how he can stay on the farm longer because he thinks Grey and Bea would make a good match and Grey keeps telling himself we’ll just stay for…..(dinner, the night in the barn, he keeps coming up with the next thing they’ll only stay till) and of course the longer he stays on the farm the more he falls for Bea and feels like part of the family.
Although near the end I had to put it down for a couple days(one of the characters really ticked me off lol) I did like the way it ended and I loved that at the end there was a sneak peek of chapter one of ariels book Slings and Arrows
I CAN’T wait for Ariel’s book !!!!

A received a free copy of this book from Barbour publishing free for my honest review

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