Sunday school lesson: The sower

I’m a little later posting this then I wanted but better late then never right:)
Last Sunday I taught on the parable of the sower( Matthew 13:1-23)

First we tried our hand at seed paper (if it works I’ll share how we did it:))
Then while we ate a snack of sunflower seeds we read and talked about the story:)
I drew a picture of the four places the seeds fell for them to color and I want to share it as a free printable (if it doesn’t work you’ll have to let me know:) this’ll be my first time doing a printable)

Here’s the link to the printable🙂

Here’s my 3 kiddos colored pics;)


And the last thing we did, and almost didn’t get done before curch ended, was planting some fruits and veggies for the kids to take home

Hope you enjoy my ideas and I’d love to hear/ or see pics if you use the printable:)


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