Sunday school idea : fish and loaves

So I ment to post this yesterday but better a day late then never lol
Last Sunday we did the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.
John 6 :1-15

At first I had a hard time thinking of a snack….then I remembered a recipe for granola bars a friend had shared. So I made granola “loaves” I left out the almonds and cut them smaller and shaped the more like loaves, by kinda rolling them. I also got some gummy sharks to represent the fish.
My mum had extra crochet baskets that she let me have.



For a craft I drew up a picture of 12 baskets and made gray and tan confetti (card stock cut in pretty small pieces) each basket got a pint glued on top to look like it was full. Here’s the free printable
And here’s what one looked like all finished:)


Hope you are able to use any of my ideas:) I’m honestly not sure anyone is following these Sunday school posts but they sure are fun to share:)


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