100 Embroidery Stitches WK 23

Alright so I had fun with last week’s challenge!!! Anyone else???
Well let’s keep it going one more week, but I’m more then happy to share a couple tips from trying to pull out threads lol

Here’s the page again


I had fun doing the hemstitch



Then the ladder hemstitch (sorry forgot to take pics:()

Then the interlaced hemstitch


I had fun doing each step with the end result being the last pic:)

But this week I’m going to focus on these two stitches


I can’t wait to try them!!!
Don’t forget if your following the challenge use the hash tag #tryingdrawnthread

Okay now I promised some tips for pulling thread…..
Don’t just use your hands…I used my jewelry pliers, flat nosed with a slight point and a needle…
My threads kept breaking so I finally started finding the broken the ads and pulling them out a bit with the needle.
Use the pliers, they grip it better but make sure you keep moving your grip closer to the fabric! The further away you are the more likely it is to break!
Keep plugging on, the more threads you get out the easier it’ll be. I found as I got a few out if I held the fabric by the other end while I pulled out the thread it was a bit easier.

So who’s trying it too??? I’ll be checking social media to see who’s exerted the challenge 🙂

What stitches have you done recently??? Don’t forget if you send me some from past weeks I’ll feature your pics in an upcoming week:)

Here’s the links to Wk 1, Wk 2, Wk 3,
Wk 4 ,Wk 5, Wk 6,Wk 7, Wk 8, Wk 9, Wk 10,Wk 11,Wk 12 , Wk 13 , Wk 14 , Wk 15 , Wk 16, Wk 17, Wk 18, Wk 19 , Wk 20, Wk 21, Wk 22
And our featured readers Melanie and Kelly
What have you done so far???

Feel free to email me any pics:) cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com

And as always if you want more info on the stitches or anything else coats and clark you can find it here: www.makeitcoats.com

Which stitches do you wanna try this week???


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