Sunday school idea: The Fruits of the Spirit

Since its been a few weeks I’ve missed sharing my ideas:)
I haven’t done Sunday school in a couple of weeks but I decided to share a lesson I did before I started sharing them here.

A while ago we did the Fruits of the Spirit

We talked about what they were

And then we did an awesome craft….I thought it was pretty cool:) but the kids reaction to it was incredible.
I found the idea on multiple sites and I don’t remember which ones or I’d share them here.

We painted a fruits of the spirit tree (I just Google it and found one I liked)
But here’s the special thing we made our own scratch and sniff paints.
It’s super easy
All you need is the kool-aid packets (the ones that are super cheap and you have to add sugar to) and hot water

I brought acrylic brown and green paints so they could paint byte tree and leaves then I brought out kool-aid
I didn’t measure the water
I just mixed the packet of Kool-aid with a little bit of hot water in a cup. From what I remember some of the recipes called for 1-2 tbsps but I just poured a bit in.
The kids couldn’t get enough of it!! 2nd there pictures were done they spent the rest of the time painting and mixing scents until they were gone!!

The darkness of the colors will depend on the amount of water you use.
Of course this can be used anytime you want to do scratch and sniff paints with your kiddos:) I plan on doing this with mine sometime:)
I’d love to here or see pics:)


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