100 Embroidery posts Wk 29

Yeah I actually tried a stitch this week!!!
Anyone else??? Granted I didn’t do it on canvas, but it still counts right??


And isn’t this fox just the cutest!!! I love this fabric!

So here’s this week’s pages (yes I said pages…I’m kinda cheating with its week at least;) kinda excited about what’s coming next) 



This week’s stitches are all about drawn fabric…not to be confused with drawn thread lol cause I keep confusing it and it took me a bit to understand the stitches.

Anyone planning on trying them??

What stitches have you done recently??? Don’t forget if you send me some from past weeks I’ll feature your pics in an upcoming week:)

Here’s the links to Wk 1, Wk 2, Wk 3,
Wk 4 ,Wk 5, Wk 6,Wk 7, Wk 8, Wk 9, Wk 10,Wk 11,Wk 12 , Wk 13 , Wk 14 , Wk 15 , Wk 16, Wk 17, Wk 18, Wk 19 , Wk 20, Wk 21, Wk 22, Wk 23, WK 24, WK 25 , WK 26, WK 27, WK 28
And our featured readers Melanie and Kelly
What have you done so far???

Feel free to email me any pics:) cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com

And as always if you want more info on the stitches or anything else coats and clark you can find it here: www.makeitcoats.com

Which stitches do you wanna try this week???


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