Wellness voxbox

Yay I got a cool box free from influenster to review!!
So this is the wellness box, and it’s got some pretty cool items in it:)


Iv etrued most things so here’s their reviews;)

First off the attitude 2 in 1 shampoo
I gotta say I had some reservations about this, I mean I have long thicker hair I hate using only shampoo
But the is seems to work okay, my hair seems nice and not like straw. I’ll keep using it to see if it stays good but so far I’m happy with it

Next the Olay botanical facial cleanser
the only thing about it I don’t like is that it seems to take longer then it should to wash off, I like the way it makes my skin feel and it seems to clean just fine:) the smells great too

The urgent rx I didn’t try, I gave it to my husband. I try to stay away from fake sugars and it had it in there. His first reaction was to the taste, he said it was gross and he needed a drink of something quick  (cue the running into the house for a sip of soda lol ) I asked him later if it helped and he said it did so if you don’t mind fake sugar, and can get past the taste they seem to work:)

The Colgate is okay I honestly can’t say if it works or not…..the taste is just there (and yes it has fake sugar too but since it’s a swish and spit I figured it’d be okay) and there is an aftertaste

The jergens wet skin lotion, although it worked well I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to putting lotion on before I dry off it was really weird. My skin did feel softer though.

And lastly the attitude dish washing liquid
I haven’t used it yet we have a dish washer we use for most dishes but I love the idea of it and the scent sounds like a good one:)


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