Quick’n Easy Crocheting wk 1

Eek!  Who’s excited?? It’s time to start a new vintage series!

I don’t remember where we got this book but it’s got some very cool projects in it…now I’m not sure if we’ll do them all cause they’re just so many of them but we will have fun while we do it 😉
From what I can tell this book was a subscription, you got the binder and a few sleeves then got so many every so many months (I know it’s kinda vague but that’s what I found lol)

There’s several sections
Babies & toddlers
Toys &stuffed animals
Bazaar bestsellers
Holidays & Christmas
Afghans & baby blankets

This week we’re starting in….


And we are starting with….


Okay now here’s were things get a tad different this week 😉
Since there are 6 different fruit (orange,lemon,lime,apple,pear and tomato…..I’m still scratching my head about the tomato lol, I know it’s technically a fruit but it just seems like a game of one of these things is not like the  other lol ) patterns I decided to ask 2 other crocheters to do 2 fruit each.

First is my mum…easily the best crocheter I know:) I gave her first pick of the six fruits she made the lemon and apple, she decided to use the yarn  the directions said to use
She did make a couple of minor changes to the lemon…
She used an f hook instead of a d
To start it Instead of doing ch 4, join then do 8 SC in the 4 ch…she did ch 2 and 8 SC in the second ch from hook(and she did this for the Apple too)
And then in the last round instead of an increase every 6th st she did 1 SC in 4 sc and and 2 in the next 1. 4 times repeated from * to * to like it said then did the 1 SC in 4, 2 in 1. 4 times again



And you can find more of her amazing stuff at yarn upon a dream

Next is Kelly she’s a friend I met in some online craft groups and another great crocheter
She choose to make the lime and pear
She used red heart super saver and a I9 hook, she also made a magic ring and did the 8 sc right into that



She’s going to using hers as mug rugs


And here’s were you can find her
Kiser krafts and www.kiserkrafts.storenvy.com

And there’s mine:)
I did the orange and tomato
I used embroidery thread and a size 1 hook



Mine and my mom’s were given to the kiddos to play with even though my mom’s were big enough to use as coasters too:)

so here’s the pattern:) its a bit different then last time, I scanned it in as a pdf instead of taking pics if you have any issues just let me know

fruit applique pattern

So are you planning on trying any of these? Which ones, or all of them??
I’d love to see pics…. I’d love to share everyone’s pics in reader posts like I did with the embroidery posts:)
Send then to cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com


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