Review: Vellostar travel sewing kit


At first glance this is a nice little kit. Seemed to have sharp scissors and an assortment of colored thread, it has everything you’ll need for a quick sewing job.

The thread was surprisingly thicker then I expected. I can usually just snap it but I had to use the scissors to cut it.
The threaders honestly those never work more then once no matter were they come from, the one I tried(to show my sister how it worked) broke as I tried to thread the needle, but like I said that wasn’t vellostars¬† fault.
My biggest issue was that the needle wheel thing was very difficult to turn, but I eventually got it and hope with use it’ll loosen
All in all I’ve very happy with it

You can find it here

I got this kit at a discounted price from the company through tomoson in exchange for my honest review


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