Quick’n Easy Crochet Wk 8

Yet again I’m late sorry everyone!!
But I’m trying to play catch up 🙂 and the kicker is I started writing this post Friday or sat:)
So onto the post lol
Yay! Another week
Who’s enjoying these posts
This week I picked a mini mitten and sock pattern…and while I typed it up my mum(from yarn upon a dream) crocheted the mitten…and to be totally honest neither of us could wrap our minds around the sock pattern, so if you try it I would love to see it and maybe you could explain it to me lol.


Tiny socks and mittens

Decorate your tree and gifts with these miniatures, made from scraps of colorful yarn in easy single crochet.

Approx 3″ in length

Small amounts of any yarn, none heavier then worsted weight
Size E crochet hook
Tapestry needle

Approx 5 SC and 5 rows to 1″ worked on a size E hook

NOTE It is impossible to give an accurate gauge for a variety of yarns. These miniatures are worked more tightly then usual.

Ch 8, SC I 2nd Ch from hook and I each Ch to end. 7 sc.
1ST row: turn, Ch 1, 1 sc in each sc, in back loop only, to for ribbing. Repeat first row until band measures 3″.
Join edges of band tog with a row of sl st to for cuff.

SC along one edge of cuff, 1 SC in each row, approx 16 sc.
Next row: Inc 2 sc evenly across row.

At join edge, ch 2, sc in front of 6th sc counting backwards from hook. Work 3 rows of sc on these 6 sts. Break off yarn leaving an end of approx 6″ and draw through last loop. Thread this end in a tapestry needle, sew every other st tog, and fasten off inside.

rejoin yarn inside thumb at bottom edge. 1 SC in each SC around hand in continuous rounds until mitten measures 2 1/4″. Dec by SC every 4th and 5th St tog until only 9 SC remain. Break off yarn, leaving an end of approx 6″. Draw yarn through last loop, thread needle, sew every 3rd St tog, fasten off inside.
Note: For polka dots, embroider with French knots in contrasting color.

ch 15, sleep st in 3rd ch from hook, and in each ch to end. Join in a ring and faster to cuff edge.

Ch 4, join in a ring with sl st. Ch 1, alternate 1 SC in next st and 2 SC in following st in  continuous  rounds until toe measures 2 1/4″.

*turn, ch 1, 1 SC in each of next 10 sc. Repeat from * two more times. Turn , ch 1, 1 sc in each of next 5 sc, fold heel in half  and sl st the two edges tog. 1 sc in each row along edge of heel, 1 sc in each sc of instep, 1 sc in each row along other heel edge. Work evenly in continuous rounds until sock measures 2 1/4″ from heel tip to cuff at heel edge.

Alternate sc front post and sc back post for three rows of ribbing, as foll:
SC front post: insert hook between first and 2nd St of previous row, from front to back, around the post of the 2nd St and to the front, yo, draw yarn to the back of the post and then to the front and complete sc in the usual wat.
SC back post: insert hook between the 1st and 2nd St of previous row, from back to front of post, then to the back, and complete SC in the usual way. Make loop, break off yarn and fasten off inside.
NOTE: for stripes or contrasting color accents such as heel and toe, change color by drawing new yarn through the last loop of previous stitch.


This is the one made up following the directions pretty exactly


And with this tan one my mom changed things up a bit I’m not sure exactly what she did but when she reads this maybe she’ll add any notes in the comments 😉

So who’s gonna try these??
I’d love to see pics…. I’d love to share everyone’s pics in reader posts like I did with the embroidery posts:)
Send then to cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com

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