Review: Orchid Origami Paper



I have always loved origami, and in the past when I do it I go through paper crazy quick:)  but this Orchid Origami Paper is 500 sheets and I have yet to use half of it.

My kiddos couldn’t wait to try it with me, so far they’ve made houses and frogs…I made more for them to play with since they’re 5 and 6 and were getting frustrated(they thought I was going to fast lol)


I’ve made stars (3 different stars actually) balloons, frogs, houses, flowers, and a crane….multiples of each:) the kiddos are constantly asking me if we can do more. I still want to try some boxes
and more flowers and some birds



My biggest issue is the amazon listing said there would be an ebook and I never received it but a quick google search brought up different sites with video and picture instructions


My favorite I think is the tiny stars, I put one in a bottle and I’m thinking I might put it in my shop and title it catch a falling star.

I got this product free in exchange for my honest review


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