Weekly Crochet….Vintage mystery crochet week 1

Okay guys I needed to do something different I want to be excited about the posts instead of oh I have to put it up….so I looked and I had a vintage crochet and knit leaflet. So I picked one of the patterns and I’ll share a part each week! In case your curious it looks like this leaflet came out in 1969. ** Another edit lol…one hint it’s something you wear**

**Edit I found a yarn I plan on using…after googling the other yarn(not to much help btw) I found a thinner yarn with a metallic thread through it…I’m changingbout the gold for green and the silver for a goldish color(sounds crazy but it’s the amount of yarn I found so I had to make it work lol)

These were $1 each at my crafts store(a.c.moore) they’re 3 ply and 1.7 oz**

Directions for Small (8-12).
Changes for Medium (14-16) are in parentheses.

Materials Required:
( from what I can tell this is a metalic yarn….I plain to add what yarn I find when I get to the craft store 🙂 )
Camelot (1 oz ball) – 10 (12) Silver x 5 (7) Gold
Needles: one “Boye” hook Size H

Gauge: 11 shells to 6 inches

Back: with Gold – ch 87 (99).
Row 1: 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook for first space, * ch 2, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch, repeat from* across, working off last sc with silver, ch 4, turn.
There are 29(33) spaces.

Row 2: 2 dc for a shell in next space and in every space to last space, 3 dc in last space, pass Silver ball through loop on hook to fasten, do not break yarn or turn – 29 (33) shells

Row 3: pick up Gold at start of row, ch 4, * 1 sc between next 2 shells, ch 2, repeat from * to last shell, 1 sc in last dc of last shell, work off last sc with silver, ch 4, turn. Repeat rows 2 and 3 for pat, working until there are 44 Gold rows. Fasten off Gold at end of last row, turn. Width across back is 16 (18) inches.

Sooo….any guess??? This is something I wanted to try when I first got this leaflet given to me but forgot about it:)
For those trying it I wanna see progress pics please and I will so share them in future posts:) cherishedbyalecia@gmail.com


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