Meet floppsie



So today I’m gonna introduce you to my first needle felted bunny and until this bunny finds her forever home or Easter comes.. Which ever comes first…this bunny’s silly antics will be shared in my insagram, Twitter and Facebook.

So this little bunny has been getting into some mischief since I made her….


At first it was just playing in a burlap bag(which will come with her when she finds her home)


I’m not sure a bunny should be helping needle felt another animal…but she just started helping!!


And she tried to crochet…chickens of all things….


And I have no idea why she thought she should ride the dog side saddle…

Anyway this little bunnies antics are being posted on my Instagram And share to my twitter And facebook
Or you can by her in my shop but remember she’s ooak and when she’s bought I won’t be able to make her again


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