2 toned Rose ring tutorial

Okay guys so I spaced doing anything post wise today! So since I’ve been wanting to do more tutorials I thought a simple 2 toned rose ring might be fun

Start with 2 colors of colored copper wire…this time I cut about 27 inches
Now I use a ring mandrel but I learned when I first started ratchet heads work well too….though sizing is hard

Anyway figure out the size you want to make and go 1/4 to half a size bigger trust me this is very helpful
Find the middle of the wire and lay it over the front of the mandrel


Wrap it around the back and being both sides up to the front


and twist them


Wrap them around the first twist as many times as you like to make it the size you want.


Now make sure you have the wire on both sides(like in the picture), wrap each wire down the side a few times to secure it trim and than make sure you press the end down so it’s not sharp.






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