Loving A lawman By Amy Lillard

I received this book free through netgally in exchange for my honest review

Loving a Lawman by Amy Lillard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I Really enjoyed this story…. just know It starts a bit slow, but once you get past the begining the story picks up speed. Be forewarned this is secular book, and it has 2 spots that are a bit more than what I usually read(but they’re easily skipped)
this book is a bit of a modern marriage of convenience story….or maybe it’d be better called a shotgun wedding. Either way it was written well and I love this kind of story.

 I hated Chase’s attitude from the beginning, but I loved Seth, his attitude and love for Jessie shone through from the beginning


Jessie is ready to move away from Cattle Creek to put her feelings for Chase behind her, but after she shares a white-hot kiss with Seth, things get a little complicated. Jessie realizes her heart should have been his all along. And in the face of sudden tragedy, they’ll discover if their newfound passion will tear the Langston men apart or make the family stronger than ever. . .As cowboys, the Langston brothers of Cattle Creek, Texas, know it can hurt like hell to fall off a horse. But it can hurt even more to fall in love. . . .

Sheriff Seth Langston is head over heels for local wild child Jessie McAllen and has been for years. The trouble is she has eyes only for Seth’s rodeo star brother, Chase. Even though he considers Jessie his girl, Chase is an incorrigible ladies’ man with a wandering eye and no chance of settling down soon.


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