Handmade Link-up Finds week 3

Hmm…this week should we keep with the spring theme??? While I’d love to I think I need to do a mix of spring and cold…cause right now its freezing here in New England!

So this week I added  links to Kiser Krafts, The Craft Penguin  and Pelhuaz by Red link ups. (Yay!! for adding to another link up this week!!)

Did you link up last week?? Did you have any favorites? I’d love to know what you found!!

For 2 weeks now I’ve been a pick on Kiser Krafts link up…how exciting is that!!! Maybe this week we will be a mosted click? We will see!!

My favorite from her link up this week are…

I now cant get this song out on my head, Let it Go from Wilde Designs


This snowman by The Penguin place is cute and seems to fit in with the weather were having



This Monster from Lu and Ed is super cute and the blue is a perfect blue for this cold lol


I love this Pendant by Wired Heart!!



Now for The Penguin Place link up

I was A penguin pick last week so Yay!! 🙂

My pics from last week are

This Super cute pet bandana by Designs by Cristal


This lady bug sock doll by Kiser Krafts is so perfect for anyone looking forward to spring!!


Even though though this is a planner charm by Pelhuaz by red and I haven’t joined the planner craze this is still super cute to me 🙂




And now for my picks from Pelhuaz by red this is my first week linking up since i started these find posts


This boat hand towel and hotpad by wercrafts set points to warmer days!!



This Three leaf clover necklace by unique2chicdesigns is perfect for st. patricks day



and these Flip flop and hair bows by Qtsylife are adorable and so springy



So have you added anything to the link up?? did you have fun looking through them?? cant wait to see what everyone shares next week!




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