Handmade Link-Up Finds- Week 4

Welcome back for another link-up finds post!! another week another 3 link-ups for me!! same 3 as last week!! so here are my picks!! no real theme this week!! just picking what catches my eye and I thought it would be fun to make an etsy list of my finds this week…I’ll link to the whole list at the end of the post!

Kiser Krafts Handmade Mania


This turtle necklace by DragonflyHJewellery is amazing!!


This Butterfly by Unique2chic is so pretty!


The purple in these Earrings by lindab142 is so very pretty and perfect for spring


This Ring by BeABellaOriginal is very pretty!


The craft Penguin Penguin Luv


This Easter mat by  zizzybob is perfect for sprig!


I love this Heat therapy Rice bag by NaturalBodyComfort


And I just had to pick this Shamrock necklace by Unique2chic Its perfect for this time of year!


And Pehluaz by Reds Sweet as Pineapple



A fabric postcard by zizzybob…..who would have thought of such a thing!! such a neat idea!


oh my word this owl by BeABellaOriginal is amazing


I love this stamped garden marker by unique2chic


so did you find anything in the linkups??

I’d love to hear about what you found!

oh and heres the link to the list!!


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