Handmade Link-up Finds Week 5

I’m so sorry I missed last week!!! But we are back!!

This week I’m featuring my fellow jewelry designers!!

this week in order to see my favorites you’ll have to click on the links 😉 I wanna know which of my picks you love the best…or even what your favorite from the original link ups are

so heres my favorites from Kiser Krafts Handmade Mania Week 70

This owl is the cutest!!

This is such A cute cat!!

This Star of David is simple but so amazing!

And these flower earrings!! so very pretty

and my picks from the Craft Penguin’s Penguin Luv

These earrings are perfect for this time of year!!

This necklace is soo pretty!!

And these Crane earrings are adorable!!

so did you click any links to see what everything was?? did you find anything you love??/ I’d love to know what you liked!!!


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