A Love So True By Melissa Jagears

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Review: Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel

( I received a copy of this book free from Random House UK – North America through netgalley to review)

Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel
The Monster Collection Edition
by Jonathan Morris

Oh Doctor Who and his wibbly wobbly timely wimeyness!!!!
This book at first didn’t capture my attention, sure it was going to have the Doctor but it started with characters I knew nothing about and I had a hard time getting into it for the first couple chapters. Then it picked up and I had a hard time putting it down!!
The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves tracking wibblieness in the time stream and find a guy, named Mark being stalked by a weeping angel, they don’t move fast enough and he gets sent back 17 years….normally angels send you back alot further in time but they had a plan. We get to see older mark secretly have a hand in things throughout his younger selfs life, like getting his wallet back to him when he thought he lost it in Rome….with the doctor, Amy and Rory showing up whenever time gets wobbly. Mark is on mission and it involves rewriting time something the doctor has to convince him is a bad idea.
I liked the book, but my biggest issue with it is the same issue I have with the shows writer Steven moffat…..in order to not create time paradoxes they usually create them…..mark couldn’t change things in his past but if he doesn’t do certain things to help hisself he never would have gotten were he was when he was sent back.
But overall it was a good book and I’d recommend it to other Doctor Who lovers