No Other Will Do by Karen Witmeyer

I received this book free through Bethany House Bloggers free in exchange for my honest review No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was and still am very excited about this book!! The … Continue reading

An Unbroken Heart by Kathleen Fuller

I  received this book free through the publishers fiction guild in exchange for my honest review


If you haven’t read A Reluctant Bride you will want to read it first!! you wont be completely lost (but maybe a little bit) but it is a good story and this one is a continuation. First I have to say the beginning over laps a bit with part of the first book!!! I loved that, And I totally brought out the first book to compare and refresh the past scenes in my mind

I love it when authors do this and although this one was only a little bit of overlapping I loved knowing where the story took place(another crazy thing I need to know lol)

The whole time I was rooting for JoAnn and Andrew but I also know they needed to work everything out. I loved the story and how everything turned out. I was glad to know what happened to the driver too, and I honestly didn’t expect that part of the story.
I really enjoyed the book and found myself wanting to know what happened next whenever I had to put it down.

I’m very excited to see what happens with Abigail ( the poor girl I felt bad for her) in the next book. and I’m very curious to see how things turn out for Asa ( I have my own thoughts on whats gonna happen, can’t wait to see if i’m at all right )

An Unbroken Heart by Kathleen Fuller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One minute, Joanna Schrock was arguing with her parents, and the next, her parents’ lives were claimed in a hit-and-run buggy accident. Her body is broken, but her heart is in even deeper pain— after all, how do you cope with your parents’ deaths when your last words were spoken in anger?


After an extended stint in a physical rehabilitation center, Joanna re-enters her Amish life. But nothing is the same—not even her feelings for Andrew Beiler.


Joanna has loved Andrew since the age of twelve, and her feelings have not changed throughout the years. She is thrilled when Andrew wants to get married, but she wonders whether it’s love he’s feeling, or pity. As the couple’s wedding date approaches, Joanna isn’t overcome with the deep joy she was hoping to feel; instead, she’s wracked with anxiety and guilt.


Joanna hears God whispering to her, Be strong and courageous, but she’s afraid that courage looks a lot like walking away from her dreams and into the plan of her Heavenly Father.


If Joanna takes the first step toward healing, will it cost her everything she’s ever wanted? Or could God be changing t


he desires of her heart?