Noah’s ark snack idea

Okay so I thought id share a Sunday school snack idea just for something a little different:)
This week it was my turn to do Sunday school, and I decided to do Noah’s ark….well I wanted a different idea for a snack, and I had this idea,  little ark made of graham crackers with animal crackers inside.
Easy enough:) I made a chocolate royal icing(recipe at the end)
And built myself kinda squarish arks

1/2 a cracker for the bottom and 1/4 for the sides (I did have to trim the 2 crackers for the shorter sides so they’d fit together better)



I let the icing set for 30 mind before filling them
I put 2 animal crackers, 2 bunnies and a gummy bear(I only had enough to throw one in each:))



After I filled them I sealed them shut and flipped me over


I put 2 broken pieces a (about an 1/8 of the big cracker) stacked on top and ta da it’s an ark


The kiddos had to break into it to see what was inside:) they had a blast with it


And after we read the story we made a poster of sorts:) we wrote or drew an animal fo4 each letter of the alphabet


Chocolate royal icing recipe:
1 1/3 c powdered sugar
1/4 c cocoa powder
1 tap vanilla
1/4 c milk
Mix together and put in a piping bag with the smallest (or second smallest tip)


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